Android Json Parsing Tutorial: How to Parse JSON from URL (Android Studio): In this video clip, I will teach how to do JSON Arrray Parsing in Android from URL of a internet site. Did you know there was no easy way to parse JSON from a URL into objects in Android? Initially we used JSONArray course to parse. Later Google produced another lib called GSON. It was rather beneficial and easy but you nevertheless needed to do a large amount of code you, which consumed a large amount of your time. Even worse, you needed to do the exact same matter in excess of and in excess of yet again from a person project to another.

Currently, I uncovered a way to make it simpler. As an alternative of rewriting the code all the time, I designed a reusable library. I uploaded the lib on GitHub at Even so, I nevertheless need GSON to be portion of my lib. So you have to obtain the GSON as well, at or you add a Gradle — compile ‘’ — in your project.

To use that, very first you add a design course that has its houses matching to JSON objects. For example, you have a tbl_post desk and four attributes (post_id, post_title, post_text, picture_url). Then by working with json_encode() system in PHP, you need to get the exact same object names in JSON. So, in Android you need to create course named Publish with four houses as well. See the sample code beneath:


community course Publish
@SerializedName(“post_id “)
community int post_id
community String post_title
community String post_text
community String picture_url

The SerializeName annotation is the search phrase that aids your JSON objects houses match an Android objects houses. You have to make guaranteed they are the exact same.

After that, you need to add another library of mine at at study the JSON from URL to Android. You can check out another YouTube at to see how to connect Android with PHP, MySQL in information.

At last, what you have to do is to call a a person magic line of code:


This code will parse the JSON text into objects. You can use that ArrayList for your custom made ArrayAdapter to display screen texts and visuals in a ListView. But in this video clip, I make it simpler by just working with a text list as a substitute. Continue to be tuned for another wonderful video clip about the custom made ArrayAdapter.

Now, you are reaching the finish of the Android JSON Parser from URL tutorial. Thanks for watching my video clip. Really don’t fail to remember to subscribe for far more movies. Like and share it to your friends.