Quck Way to Connect Android with PHP, MySQL (Part 1)

Connect Android with PHP MySQL: In this first part of tutorial, I will teach you how to connect Android with PHP and MySQL Database Server using AsyncTask class.
You can find part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdmJaSQWP9c

The agendas of this video tutorial:
1) Connect Android with PHP, MySQL
2) Login Activity / List Activity / Detail Activity
3) JSON Parser
4) Custom ListView
5) Picasso / Universal Image Loader

Connect Android with PHP, MySQL (Part 1) – JSON Parser, ListView, Picasso, Universal Image Loader (English version)

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to connect Android with PHP, MySQL. I will use my library “GenAsync.1.2.jar” to POST data into MySQL via PHP and get the result back. The library is build on AsyncTask. By using that, you can do login page and read JSON and bind to to a custom ListView. You will be using my library KGJsonConverter to parse JSON objects and bind them into a custom ListView by using FunDapter. Finally, you can display images from URL by using Picasso or Universal Image Loader (UIL).

I will be using Android Studio 1.5.1 which is the latest version to date and GenyMotion for the emulator.

Important URL:
– GenAsync.1.2 library at https://github.com/kosalgeek/generic_asynctask_v2
– JSON Converter library https://github.com/kosalgeek/KGJsonConverter
– GSON at grepcode.com/snapshot/repo1.maven.org/maven2/com.google.code.gson/gson/2.2.4
– FunDapter https://github.com/amigold/FunDapter
Universal Image Loader https://github.com/nostra13/Android-Universal-Image-Loader
– Picasso http://square.github.io/picasso/