Android provides the abilities to keep information offline. A single of them is SharedPreferences Android Studio. It is a class (technically it is an interface) that enable you develop a file saved in the inner storage of your device to save information in a variety of vital benefit pair. You can cache basic variety of information like integer, String and so forth. You cannot on the other hand save a Selection. Nevertheless, it is superior more than enough to keep username and password for the later on use without having re enter the exact kinds.

Aside from my tutorial of Android Studio PHP MySQL, in this video clip tutorial, first I start from how to retrieve username and password from PHP MySQL by employing a person of my library generic_asynctask_v2 which makes use of PostResponseAsyncTask class. Then I walk you by means of the standard of SharedPreferences and use it save your username and password. And finally, I use MD5Simply library to encrypt password into MD5 in Android and evaluate it versus the MD5 password from MySQL.