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Android Studio Navigation Drawer (Component 3) – Android Hamburger Ideal Menu

Occasionally the primary attribute is not enough. The exact same here to Navigation Drawer. The unique hamburger button is on the top still left though you wanna change it to top correct like the one on Fb. In this movie, you will study just this. Additionally I will teach about the animation for fragment.

The navigation drawer is one of the most typical use attribute in Android nowadays. It is a variety of hidden menu which allows you swipe in from the edge of the screen, commonly from the still left. It is required for a compact screen device, e.g. smart cellphone. Nevertheless, this attribute was not provided in the previously edition of Android. If you utilised to use it in Eclipse for illustration, then you would uncover the resource and code various from the one in this edition in Android Studio.

In Android Studio, the navigation drawer will come with it as a template which generates required code. So it is your task to have an understanding of all the code and to be equipped to change it.