In the component one of the collection Javascript Tutorial for Beginners with Examples, you will find out the fundamentals of Javascript and DOM.

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Document Item Model or DOM opens a way in HTML to Javascript to get in to retrieve any ingredient in HTML. The browser is named window item in DOM whilst html tag is doc. We are interested in doc here. You can reference to sub ingredient underneath doc by . (dot). For illustration doc.title, doc.head, doc.system, doc.backlinks, and doc.script. If you can get an ingredient by id, you can simply just simply call doc.getElementById(‘elementId’). You can also use doc.getElementsByTagName(), doc.getElementsByName() and doc.getElementsByClassName().

Future, I will teach you simple Javascript language for newcomers, beginning with a variable declaration, if else statement, for loop etc. Array is very essential in Javascript. Though function is a further necessary component of Javascript. In the code, I will use an textbox and a button to demonstrate how to retrieve facts from a textual content and move it to a label working with a javascript function, by way of a event onclick of a button.