To hook up Android with MySQL Databases, you can not do it specifically. You will need a Net support as a medium. In this situation, we can use PHP simply because in PHP you can have a solitary of code that easily converts databases data into the JSON structure. You can transform it to XML as well, but lots of prefers JSON due to its sizing and effectiveness.

Android just lately changed its IDE from Eclipse-primarily based Android Enhancement Toolkit (ADT) to IntelliJ Idea-primarily based Android Studio. The large cause for that is Gradle. Gradle is a modern day open up source establish automation procedure. It operates superior in lots of strategies than Ant, which is used by Eclipse-primarily based Android IDE. The change also influences some old APIs to deprecate.

Ideal Android Studio Tutorial – How to Link Android with PHP, MySQL
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In this tutorial “How to Link Android with PHP, MySQL”, l works by using the new IDE, Android Studio along with the new APIs. Additionally, I made my have library that simplified the way of how to hook up Android with PHP and MySQL. Ahead of this, you experienced to have a personal course extends AsyncTask course all the time in purchase to hook up to the Net. The AsyncTask course operates as qualifications thread. Considering that Android 3. API eleven (Honeycombs), you are permitted to use the key thread to do a lengthy system, these kinds of as connecting to Net. I named the lib as GenAsync.jar (Generic AsyncTask) and you can download it at My lib hides all the complexity and all you have to do to instantiate the PostResponseAsyncTask course and pass a Publish data as a next argument of the constructor. You contact the execute() system and supply the URL that you want to pass the data to. At last, you can receive the data by processFinish() system. This program guides how to produce a databases and a desk in MySQL and produce PHP web pages.