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Hello, my name is Oum Saokosal. You can always find me at YouTube Channel Oum Saokosal. I am here in this blog to assist you and answer to your problems about Android programming. You can also get the update tutorials from my official Fan Page Kosal Geek.

If you wanna reach out to me, I suggest you to join my Facebook Group “Kosal Geek Android Programming Group” at this link: In this group that I manage, I can answer relevant questions that are benefit to the team. However, I won’t be able solve your problem if it is too specific to your particular project.

I normally do not reply to your email due to my busy schedule but I would occasionally check out my email inbox. So if you want to contact me through email, here is it: . But I warn you, I may not reply it.

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Oum Saokosal