Android for Beginners

Android for Beginners

How to Install Google Play Store on GenyMotion ‘2017

In this video, I will teach you how to install Google Play Store on GenyMotion '2017. There are a couple reasons why you need...

How To Create Navigation Drawer in Android Studio 2017 (ConstraintLayout)

In this video, you will learn how To create Navigation Drawer with Fragment on ConstraintLayout in Android Studio 2017. In the past, I have...

How to create Button Click Event Handle and Try Catch in Android

This is the tutorial of how to create a button click event handler and try catch in android.

Android onBackPressed – Press Back Again to Exit (Eclipse)

  This is an example of how to override onBackPressed technique which is handy in this scenario to enable buyers to push back button once...

Android App Development 2017: How to Use Spinner

This is Android App Development 2017 and you'll learn how to use Spinner in Android Studio 2.3.1. In this tutorial, to use Spinner, what...

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