Best Way to Create Android Database App in 30 Minutes (Navigation Drawer). In this video, I will teach the best way to create Android database app in 30 minutes, more or less. I use Volley, Navigation Drawer, and RecyclerView in this tutorial.

I start from creating a project with a navigation drawer template. And then I add RecyclerView onto the fragment of the navigation drawer.

Before you create an android database app, one important step is that we need to get data from a database server. For that, I use Android Volley which let you do a multi-tasking. PHP and MySQL is the backend. So I will create a database in MySQL and use PHP to encode the database to JSON.

Finally, use StringRequest of Volley to retrieve the JSON text. I also use KGJsonConverter which is the library that I made. I store it in

After all of this, you will be able to make android database app that can display images retrieved from a database server to put into a recyclerview on a navigation drawer’s fragment.

This is how you create Android Database App in Android Studio in 30 minutes.


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