Android File Server: In the series of How to Add Impression to Server from Android, I will exhibit how to change the graphic to base64 to send out to PHP MySQL databases server. Underneath is the agenda of this tutorial:
One: encode Impression to Base64 String. This is really import. You need to understand that Android are not able to send out a bodily file to a World wide web server. Rather, you need to encode it into a String, in this case Base64 String. You can write your possess to encode the graphic or you can just use my library at So now the graphic is ready to be sent.

Two: make a connect from Android with PHP. In this example, I use PostResponseAsyncTask from generic_asynctask_two which is also my created library. Or you can use Volley for multi tasking.

Three: Lastly, you need to write some PHP to decode the Base64 String and write it a bodily file.

4. This is just for bonus: rotation and IP Handle.