Android File Server: Most effective Android Studio Tutorial on Upload Image or File to Server (Part one) out?v=EmOzhbGFEAk – If you wanna find out how to add a number of visuals to server in Android, you can check out this tutorial out?v=4LCnoVqQ6N4 and out?v=7itJq7Ehu_8

A single of the most well known Apps these times is about the abilities to do selfies, the one particular that uses a cell phone digital camera to just take shots of oneself. The digital camera is on each and every smart cell phone units now while most of them has two cameras, the back and the front. You can shots and retailer them on the internet. Most well known social networks like Fb, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc. allow you retailer limitless of shots. Properly, how can you make an application like that?

So in this tutorial, you will find out just about that, about how to get graphic from digital camera or select it from gallery and add to a server. However, this is aspect of the tutorial, I will aim on the digital camera and gallery while the 2nd one particular will be about the uploading.

For the digital camera, you need to insert a digital camera attribute and two permissions. And then dispatch the digital camera and get the saved visuals in onActivityResult.

And for the gallery, you will not need any permissions while other ways are rather equivalent to the digital camera.

To ease the development, I made a decision to make my individual library just for that and I named it PhotoUtil. It is composed of classes for digital camera, gallery, loading visuals and decoding a graphic to a base64 string. You can obtain it at