Basics of Android App development: RecyclerView #4 with Volley, JSON, PHP & MySQL. After you finish the Android RecyclerView and Adapter things, it is time to read the real data from a Web Server. There are many steps ahead. First you need to know Volley which is a library for network connection. Once you connect to a server, that server will read a database. In this case, I use PHP and MySQL as the backend. And the data itself cannot be read by Android. You need to convert it to JSON. From the Android end, it will read the JSON and parse it into an ArrayList objects ready for using with RecyclerView.


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In this part particular, I will talk about the setup of Volley and some basic of PHP MySQL.

RecyclerView is a fairly new tool for Android to display collection of images, texts, videos, and audio to form as an item of the RecyclerView. It is the replacement of ListView where in RecyclerView you can change the layout format, item view (view type), animation etc.