About Us

oum saokosalHello my name is Oum Saokosal. I am the author of this blog KosalGeek. I am holding a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Jeonju University of South Korea. I am working as a Assoc. Professor and Chief of the Faculty of Computer Science at National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia. I have been very enthusiastic to Mobile App Development since the beginning of iPhone 3G. Later, I was into Android because everyone can learn it easier on their PC and it is as closed as iPhone. I am teaching Android App Development course in my University.

Hence, KosalGeek was created to be the place for IT students or students who loves Android Programming around the world to come to study and improve their skillsets. This blog is complement to my YouTube channel Oum Saokosal where I have been posting new Android tutorials every day. I am planning to create at least 1000 video tutorials on that channel, as well as, some hundreds of articles in this KosalGeek blog.